PeekMed expands market reach to the United Kingdom

PeekMed has announced it has officially secured regulatory approval to market its product in the United Kingdom. This achievement opens up new opportunities for orthopedic surgeons to access PeekMed’s innovative solutions, ultimately benefiting patients through improved treatment options and outcomes.

With PeekMed already holding the CE mark, registration with MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) was a crucial milestone to ensure PeekMed’s compliance with the UK’s regulatory requirements post-Brexit.

The CE mark certifies that PeekMed’s products meet the European Union’s stringent health and safety protection standards. To serve the UK market seamlessly post-Brexit, PeekMed took proactive steps to secure authorization and registration with the MHRA, the regulatory body responsible for ensuring the safety and efficacy of medical devices in the United Kingdom.

 The MHRA registration process involved appointing an authorized British representative responsible for ensuring PeekMed’s ongoing compliance with UK regulations. This comprehensive approach aligns with PeekMed’s constant dedication to maintaining the highest standards of safety, quality, and performance in their medical devices.

João Pedro Ribeiro, PeekMed’s CEO and co-founder, emphasized, “We recognize the critical role of providing healthcare professionals with the tools they need for exceptional patient care. The MHRA registration allows PeekMed to contribute significantly to the advancement of orthopedic practices in the United Kingdom, reinforcing our commitment to global medical accessibility.”

PeekMed’s expansion into the UK market not only creates opportunities for partnerships within the UK healthcare sector but also promises a positive impact on orthopedic practices and patient care for the British population.



January 26, 2024

Image: PeekMed

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