Chrysea Announces the Launch of Sprevive®: A Breakthrough in the Longevity Interventions Field

• Launching of first pure spermidine formulation with GRAS panel endorsement.

• Scientifically backed by human clinical testing for safety of full dose of 20 mg. 

• Transparency, consistency and purity commitment to enable consumer trust.


Chrysea has announced the launch of Sprevive®, the first of its pipeline of natural products sustainably produced using a patented precision fermentation process.  

Sprevive® is pure Spermidine, a bioactive naturally found in our diet, and now for the first time sustainably produced through precision fermentation technology by Chrysea. Sprevive® is the only pure Spermidine product to have GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) status in the USA.

Extensive scientific publications have documented the important role of spermidine in mediating autophagy—a natural process that helps to clear out damaged cells and which naturally declines with age. Cellular autophagy is crucial to support cellular health and promote healthy aging.

Research indicates the benefits of Spermidine extend beyond autophagy. Evidence suggests that it also modulates inflammation and lipid metabolism, contributing to its overall positive impact on cardiovascular health, and longevity. By addressing these fundamental biological processes, Sprevive® supplementation offers a comprehensive approach to enhancing both healthspan and lifespan.

Sprevive® stands out as a potential breakthrough in the field of longevity biotech. It is scientifically backed by extensive preclinical and clinical safety testing, and evidence of bioactivity. In January 2024, Sprevive® received Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status in the United States, following a comprehensive evaluation of published and unpublished scientific and manufacturing process data by a panel of independent experts. Chrysea is also pursuing additional regulatory approvals from international health authority agencies.

“We are very pleased to introduce Sprevive® to the market,” said Pedro de Noronha Pissarra, CEO of Chrysea. “This emerging field of longevity biotech needs this level of transparency in development, and our commitment to quality and transparency has always been our priority.”

Richard Marshall, CEO of Juvenescence said, “we’re delighted to support Chrysea on this next important step of its journey to bring such a high-quality product with huge potential to the market.”

Sprevive® is now shipping through selected distributors. Chrysea plans to continuously add further claims to the product and expand its availability on a larger scale to various nutrition and other consumer biotech businesses.

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About Autophagy   

Autophagy is your body’s cellular recycling system, and quality control for your cells. Autophagy is essential for a cell to survive and function properly. It is a natural process that recycles damaged cell parts into functioning cell components, removes non-functional cell parts, and can destroy pathogens in a cell that can damage it, like viruses and bacteria.

Autophagy plays an important role when it comes to aging and longevity. As a person ages, autophagy decreases, which can lead to a build-up of intra cellular junk and reduce cell functionality. 


About Sprevive®

Sprevive® is the first pure (98%) spermidine product produced by sustainable fermentation processes. Sprevive® is the first clinically tested pure spermidine product, with a full FDA and EFSA compliant preclinical regulatory safety package, and recognized by GRAS self-affirmation status for full dose use (20 mg/day).  

Sprevive® is low-volume, water soluble, neutral taste, gluten, allergen, protein, and contaminant free.


About Spermidine

Spermidine is a natural component of our normal diet, with average normal diet intakes reported to be from 4.8 to 17 mg/day.

Extensive pre-clinical model and cell studies have demonstrated biological benefits from supplementation with spermidine, particularly in cardiovascular function but also immune, gastrointestinal function, the microbiome, and metabolic function.  In the past, clinical studies have been hampered by the lack of a pure spermidine product approved for human use and in a form that enables full dosing.

Spermidine is a mediator of autophagy. In 2016, the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine was awarded to Yoshinori Ohsumi for his discoveries of the mechanisms of autophagy and confirming its highly conserved role in maintaining cellular function. Autophagic processes diminish as the human body ages, and the positive effects of spermidine on aging are considered to be due to its action as a natural inducer of autophagy, thus maintaining the body’s healthy aging capacity.


About Chrysea

Chrysea is a biotechnology company revolutionizing the healthcare and wellness industry with

precision healthy-lifespan interventions. Leveraging tools of Synthetic Biology and Data Analytics we have unlocked the potential to manufacture products of unparalleled purity at scale, introducing solutions previously inaccessible to industry. Our approach integrates these

advanced tools seamlessly into our operations, enabling us to establish a vertically integrated,

sustainable business model that spans from laboratory research directly to the consumer. Chrysea’s products are backed by rigorous science-backed clinical research, ensuring pure, safe, functional ingredients and brands that consumers can trust. Join the movement towards a healthier future with Chrysea. #healthylifestyle #precisionhealth #wellnessindustry #sprevive #spermidine.



June 19, 2024

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