Protein unleashed from Nature

As the world faces an unprecedented challenge to meet the rapidly growing demand for protein, MicroHarvest is challenging the boundaries to provide the sustainable protein ingredients of the future.

Through our cutting-edge technologies and motivated teams, we harness the power of nature’s best protein factories: microorganisms.

Our ambition is to produce nutritious, sustainable proteins to achieve the resilient food system of tomorrow – driving the impact of today.

MicroHarvest understands the needs of food, feed and pet food manufacturers and meets their requirements with a Smaller, Better, Faster solution.

Smaller: Our production system requires thousands of times less space and a fraction of the water compared to animal or plant-based ingredients to achieve the same protein yields, making us more agile in scaling and meeting the supply needs of our customers.

Better: Our protein ingredients are packed with micro-nutrients and vitamins, and contain no allergens above 60% crude protein. For MicroHarvest, ‘Better’ also means offering a more sustainable solution. Our smaller ecological footprint and high efficacy means that our product saves emissions compared to other commercially available protein ingredients.

Faster: Our unique technology enables us to produce proteins within 24 hours, from the first step to the final product. The protein of the future can be made in tanks, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world, in any climate or weather!