P-Bio as a link of your company to other innovation ecosystems in the world

The Portugal’s Biotechnology Industry Organization (P-BIO) is the only association that brings together the vast majority of the companies linked to the Biotechnology and Lifescience sector.

P-Bio member of EuropaBIO

As a member of EuropaBio, the Association is crutial in linking the Four Innovation Propellers on the European scene: relevant companies and partners of the government, investors, regulators, universities and R&D Institutes and other entities linked to industry.

P-BIO active at Rev 4.0

Since it was founded in 1999, it has contributed as a key element for the development and support of the Biotechnology sector in Portugal, developing a favorable environment for the creation and growth of start-ups, promoting their national and international business development and helping to increase awareness in this sector.


Portugal is located on the Atlantic coast of Europe and P-BIO can be the link between your company and the rest of the world.


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