STAB VIDA is a Portuguese Biotech Company with a line of products and services mainly dedicated to genetics and genomics. Sanger Sequencing, Next-Generation Sequencing, and Fragments Analysis are examples of our core services. Our laboratory also offers genetic tests such as paternity testing, species ID, bird sexing. As products, STAB VIDA offers polymerases and oligonucleotides synthesis and production of antibodies.

STAB VIDA’s mission is to be YOUR EASY GENETICS LABORATORY. Whether you are in Lisbon, Porto, Milano, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Cordoba, etc, we want to provide you (a patient, a doctor, a scientist, a veterinary professional or a student) an easily crossable bridge. We intend to provide a fluid flow for your samples, data and information, supported by STABVIDA’s solid laboratories and highly qualified and specialized staff, always with the purpose of helping you find answers to your questions and delivering the results you are searching for.

STAB VIDA also has an extensive experience of participating and coordinating national and European projects and our R&D Laboratory has been heavily dedicated to the development of point of care diagnostics (PoC Dx) devices and lab-on-chip. Counting with projects based on immunoassays, microfluidics, nucleic acid amplification tests (NAATs), the team is now in a great pace to develop new tests, making use of the knowledge acquired.

STAB VIDA is considered one of Portuguese Biotech’s case study SME for its growth and international expansion. This company is ISO 9001 certified and recognized with the “Seal of Excellence” of European Commission, “PME Líder” by the Portuguese IAPMEI agency, and “Empresa Aplauso” by Millennium BCP Bank.