Sea4Us is a biotechnology company based in Sagres and Lisbon (Portugal). It specializes in the discovery and early development of new pharmaceutical drugs based on novel compounds of marine origin, to fulfil unmet clinical needs that require new chemical approaches and new molecular solutions.
Sea4Us has developed a platform, based on marine biology and ion channels, that allows the identification of novel pharmaceutical drugs deriving from marine organisms for several unmet clinical needs that have ion channels as therapeutic targets. This drug discovery platform can be used to identify novel modulators for ion channels involved in different pathologies such as chronic pain, epilepsy, diabetes, cardiac arrhythmia, hypertension, and skin diseases, among others.
The company’s activity is focused in studying marine organisms’ compounds bioactivities, consequent biotechnological production or artificial chemical synthesis of bioactive pure compounds, and pharmaceutical development including non-clinical and early clinical trials.
The development of new pharmaceutical drugs and the improvement of the living conditions of patients is the company’s main driving force.
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