Rodon Biologics has more than 20 years of experience in recombinant products, process development, manufacture and analysis.

Over the years Rodon have worked with clients from small start-ups through larger pharma and biotech supporting projects from early research and discovery, through development and manufacture for clinical trials. Projects have been carried out using different expression systems for a range of recombinant product types including proteins such as mAbs, multispecifics, cytokine, growth factors, novel formats and small molecules such as polyamines. This continuous activity has resulted in the accumulation of a significant know-how and experience with project management and a wide range of technologies for the development/optimization of processes and the manufacture of biological product molecules.

We can engineer, produce and characterise from a few milligrams to tens of grams of product for initial research, development and support continuing development with a stable cell line and robust scalable process and in partnership with CMOs GMP manufacture for clinical trials.

Companies need to consider their process development strategies very early in a product’s lifecycle – this is where Rodon Biologics provides an invaluable service. Our approach is customer centric establishing a close and flexible working relationship contributing positively to the success of our customer’s projects as we believe their success is our success.