Simão Soares - SilicoLife

CEO SilicoLife. MSc Bioinformatics (University of Minho), postgraduate in management from NOVA School of Business and Economics and trained in Blue Ocean Strategy at INSEAD. Was visiting researcher at the Technical University of Denmark, in the integration of omics data with genome scale models. Collaborated with the UMinho in the fields of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, with published work in computational biology top ranked journals. Former member of the board of P-BIO (2015-2019), elected as President of P-BIO in June 2019 and consultant for international organizations in industrial biotechnology topics.

José Leal – Ophiomics

Joana Branco – BIOCANT Park

Teresa Gesteiro – Pfizer

David Braga Malta – LiMM Therapeutics


Sérgio Simões - Luzitin

Vice-president of Bluepharma, has a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, a Master degree in Chemical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Science. He has built a rapport as a scientist, an entrepreneur, an investor and as a decision-making executive in the pharmaceutical industry. His role has been instrumental in the launch of several technology-based companies, including Luzitin and Treat U, as well as in the running of investment ventures such as A2B, SA or Biocant Venture. He currently holds a position as an associate professor with habilitation at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Coimbra. Apart from his academic work, his interests include research fields related to pharmaceutical biotechnology, with particular emphasis on the development of targeted nanocarriers for drug and nucleic acid delivery aiming at their application for gene therapy. Over the last years, he has gained a significant expertise on developing, industrial transfering and manufacturing of medicines for the European and US market.

Bruno Santos – Immunethep

Nuno Silvério – Merck


Filipe Assoreira - Nano4 Global

Since 2016, Co-founder and CEO at Nano4 – a nanotechnology company applied to diagnostics. Life Science & Healthcare Executive with 12 years multi-country corporate experience at Genzyme, including as Country manager. Leadership roles in merger and crisis situations. Former President of P-BIO Portugal’s Biotech Industry Organization (2015-2019). Successful exit as retail entrepreneur. Pharmacy Degree from University of Coimbra and MBA from AESE/IESE.

Bruno Sommer Ferreira – Biotrend

Fernando Canhão- ALEXION

More than 35 years’ experience in Pharmaceutical Industry in different functions. Last 11 years working with different companies dedicated to R&D of Orphan Drugs, with the role of Country Manager. Currently Head of Operations for Portugal in Alexion. Leadership skills and experience in startups. Former member of the board of P-BIO, Portuguese Bio-Industry Association (2015-2019).

Secretária Geral
Filipa Sacadura
E: sec.geral(at)
M: (+351) 916 355 853

Gestor de Projeto
Carlos Silva
E: carlos.silva(at)
M: (+351) 914 254 986

Coordenador Grupo das Doenças Raras e Medicamentos Órfãos
Joaquim Marques
E: joaquim.marques(at)
M: (+351) 919 922 217

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