“P-BIO Pledge 4 COVID” has the aim of stimulating the participation of Portuguese startups in the Bioindustry area in the global cooperation initiative launched on the 24th of April: “Global Response to COVID-19”. This attracted at least EUR 7,5 billion to invest in the areas of diagnostics, therapies/treatments, and the development of vaccines.

Due to this, Portuguese start-ups have answered positively, presenting various solutions (vaccine, diagnostics, therapies and medical devices) to face COVID-19. P-BIO has created an infographic that resumes this information and it’s available online. [See infographic]


In the aim of “P-BIO Pledge 4 COVID”, two events were also promoted (in Lisbon and Matosinhos) where these Bio start-ups presented their solutions.


13th of May 2020, Lisbon


14:00 | OPENING
               Manuel Heitor Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education [Watch video]
               Simão Soares President of P-BIO

              João Fonseca Biosurfit [Watch video]
              Filipe Assoreira Nano4Global
              Eduardo Coelho Stab Vida [Watch video]

              David Braga Malta LiMM [Watch video]
              Cláudia Marques MyBiome [Watch video]
              Nuno Prego Ramos CellmAbs [Watch video]

15:20 | VACCINES
              Hugo Soares IBET [Watch video]
              Raquel Fortunato GenIBET [Watch video]

15:40 | DEBATE [Watch video]
              Henrique Veiga-Fernandes Fundação Champalimaud
              António Vidigal EDP
              Patrícia Calado ANI/AICIB
              Moderator: David Braga Malta (P-BIO)

16:15 | CLOSING
              André de Aragão Azevedo Secretary of State for the Digital Transition [Watch video]
              On behalf of the Minister of  State for the Economy and the Digital Transition


19th of May 2020, Matosinhos


14:00 | OPENING
               Helena Silva CEiiA [Watch video]
               Simão Soares Presidente da P-BIO [Watch video]

              Daniela Seixas TonicApp [Watch video]
              Ana Teresa Freitas HeartGenetics [Watch video]

              Bruno Santos Immunethep [Watch video]
              André Gomes Crioestaminal [Watch video]
              Manuel Salavessa Janssen [Watch video]

              Tiago Rebelo CEiiA [Watch video]
              André Santos SWORD Health [Watch video]
              Carlos Faro Matera [Watch video]

15:40 | DEBATE [Watch video]
              António Portela BIAL
              Artur Santos Silva Fundação LaCaixa
              Eduardo Maldonado ANI
              Moderator: David Braga Malta (P-BIO)

16:15 | CLOSING
              Manuel Heitor Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education [Watch video]