About us

About us

“While continuing the sustained work involving promotion and equality in accessing Orphan Drugs (OD), training and information surrounding both OD and Rare Diseases (RD) in Portugal, as a plan and one of the pillars of public health in Portugal, the Grupo de Trabalho das Doenças Raras (Rare Diseases Working Group – GTDR) of P-BIO has implemented a series of initiatives and taken positions in relation to different participants in this area.

As such, we are seeking to generate reflection and strategic, positive and disruptive thought that is integrative and which has an effective impact on improving the daily lives of patients, while also being active partners in defining policies and assessing their implementation together with lawmakers and regulators.

Our ranks include a broad range of companies (of different types), which, in their approach to this niche area, have an underlying series of principles and ideas that are reflected in a position document for this sector.

Our mission is to guarantee the sustainability of this area and promote the equal treatment of all patients with rare diseases in Portugal”.

See the Position Document for more information.