Projects with national involvement

Projects with national involvement

Confirmation of Portugal’s position in the field of industrial biotechnology has been illustrated by the involvement of Portuguese entities in innovation and research projects, including participations in consortiums with some of the most renowned research institutions in Europe, backed by highly competitive financing programmes, such as the 7th framework programme, ERA-NET in industrial biotechnology and in marine biotechnology, and Horizonte2020.

International Projects

  • H2020 DD-DeCaF (SilicoLife, coordinated by DTU, Denmark)
  • H2020 SMART-Plant (Biotrend, coordinated by UVerona, Italy)
  • H2020 INCOVER (Biotrend, coordinated by AIMEN, Spain)
  • FP7 BRIGIT (Biotrend/ SilicoLife, coordinated by AIMPLAS, Spain)
  • FP7 BIOREFINE-2G (Biotrend, coordinated by DTU, Denmark)
  • FP7 BLUEGENICS (Biotrend, coordinated by UMainz, Germany)
  • ERA-MBT Thermofactories (Biotrend/ SilicoLife, coordinated by NUST, Norway)
  • ERA-IB DeYeast Library (SilicoLife, coordinated by EMBL, Germany)
  • ERA-IB IPCRES (SilicoLife, coordinated by UCL, UK)
  • ERA-IB Dynamics (SilicoLife, coordinated by TUDelft, Netherlands)


National Projects

  • QREN PEM (SilicoLife / UMinho)
  • Portugal2020 SISBI (SilicoLife / UMinho)