In 2016, P-BIO promoted a first study on the Portuguese Biotechnology Industry, in terms of firms, labour market and innovation indicators, which acknowledged that the “Portuguese Biotechnology industry is a high-priority sector: its ability to innovate and to promote innovation diffusion to other sectors makes it a key driver to the competitiveness of the Portuguese economy”. The present study provides a broader, more complete and updated analysis of the Portuguese sector, with the aim of characterizing the trends, opportunities and challenges of the Portuguese biotechnology sector, to be used as an instrument to support the growth and development of this sector and to guide policy development. The study, including the databases on which the study analysisis supported, was coordinated by P-BIO with the support of, the Portuguese Infrastructure for Biological Data and the Portuguese node of ELIXIR, and will be used to assist in developing a strategy to engage with the biotech industry and to promote the big data use and valorization by biotech companies. The study was financially supported by FCT – the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology – through the project grant 22231/AAC 01/SAICT/2016 from the operational programs CRESC Algarve 2020, Lisboa2020 and COMPETE 2020, and produced by TecMinho.

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