EntoGreen contribute to the development of a sustainable agri-food value-chain, focusing on the development of bio-based technologies that allow to reuse vegetable by-products that occurs along the agri-food sector, and that are rich in nutrients, reintroducing them into the value chain.

EntoGreen uses insects as tools to contribute to the efficiency that the natural resources are applied in agri-food systems, developing novel nutritional sources for both animals and plants, decreasing the need to import protein ingredients and organic fertilizers.

Our process uses vegetable by-products generated in several agri-food industries combining them to create a nutritional mix for the production of insects, namely Black Soldier Fly larvae (Hermetia illucens). These larvae are produced in a bioindustry unit with environment-controlled conditions that allow the larvae to convert the low-value by-product mixes into grown larvae with high concentrations of protein and oil, at the same time that the digested vegetables are converted into an excellent organic fertilizer, known as insect frass. The produced larvae are then processed in high value protein concentrates and insect oil, both of which are destined to the animal feed markets but that might find in the near future other applications.

Our company is fully dedicated to novel process and R&D in embedded in our DNA. We strongly believe in the development of new products based in new developments and our participation in P-Bio is related with the expectation to create new partnerships to develop novel products in the area of cosmetics and pharmacy, as both insect oil and insect chitin, and chitosan, can have a great role in those markets.

At EntoGreen we apply nature tools to develop a novel circular economy sector.