Report of the European Commission’s Industrial Forum


September 15th, 2023

The European Commission has published the Industrial Forum report, which presents a comprehensive set of recommendations for accelerating the deployment of advanced manufacturing technologies in European industry. The report is the culmination of many months of work by a working group, bringing together the views of a wide range of participating stakeholders from the Commission, Member States, industry, NGOs, social partners and research and innovation organizations. EuropaBio, the European-level organization of which P-BIO is a member, was an industry representative and active collaborator in the structured dialogue and preparation of this report.

The report presents important case studies to illustrate the transformative power of advanced manufacturing across industrial ecosystems. It includes two examples of bio-manufacturing in the health and agri-food industrial ecosystems: “Production of Car T cells in health” and “Making Vitamin B2 bio-manufacturing viable”. The inclusion of healthcare and industrial biotechnology examples in the report confirms the key role that biotechnology and biomanufacturing play in advancing Europe’s industrial transformation.

About the Industrial Forum

The Industrial Forum is a mechanism to support the European Commission in implementing the European Industrial Strategy and therefore in achieving the twin green and digital transitions. Its aim is to assess the risks and needs of different industrial ecosystems and promote collaboration between ecosystems through a structured dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders. A set of five working groups was set up to achieve different objectives. EuropaBio actively contributed to Task Force 5 on Advanced Manufacturing, including the development of recommendations to accelerate the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies and increase Europe’s competitiveness.

News reproduced via EuropaBio.

Read the original story and the full report here.

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