EcoXperience is more than detergents, it’s your cleaning experience. We have reduced (by +50%) the extraction of natural resources to produce our products, which are obtained under the most demanding quality (ISO:9001) and environmental (ISO:14001) standards. We promote and help to clean up the negative impacts of used cooking oil in our homes, public network, soils, aquatic environment and our climate, by collecting this waste. We value plastic because it is part of the solution. We have created a unique packaging with 50% recycled plastic for our products, according to their quantities, so that people can reuse it again and again.

After our partner stores use the packaging, they are sanitized, qualified, re-filled and placed on the market. We enable our customers to deliver their packaging to us to refill or to have a bulk experience in our partner stores.

Main distinguishing points:

  • Renewable Use of Resources
  • Recovery of Waste
  • World Innovation
  • Vegan and Biodegradable Products
  • Customizable Offer
  • Efficiency
  • Security Assured