Parcerias de colaboração na área da Biotecnologia e Inovação Terapêutica

Basinnov Life Science belongs to the FHC group, which is one of the most relevant business groups in the pharmaceutical area in Portugal, present in all sectors of the medicine value chain, with recognized expertise and recognition in the industrial area, pharmaceutical and hospital retail distribution, export, internationalization, R&D and in the pharmaceutical consultancy area. The FHC Group is a Portuguese multinational with origin and exclusively private capital and present in 4 continents.

Basinnov Life Science aims to continue the legacy of the group, to initiate collaborative partnerships in biotechnology and therapeutic innovation, with high quality standards, to meet the unmet needs in the domestic and international market for innovative orphan products.

  • We are looking for partnerships in the area of innovative therapies in biomedicine and biotechnology, our goal is to contribute, to bring your unique medicine to each unique patient.
  • We provide services of excellence in Portugal and Spain, in all phases of the drug life cycle from R&D cooperation, regulatory consulting, market access, distribution, and commercialization.
  • We exist to deliver the unique medicine to each rare disease patient by providing integrated business solutions.
  • A national example of innovation and value creation, to transform the lives of patients.

Our MISSION at Basinnov Life Sciences, is to contribute to better access to innovation by providing through partnerships with excellent orphan drug companies, making a commitment to the future of patients with rare diseases.

Our VISION is to be the Portuguese company, a partner in the area of innovative orphan products, which accompanies the drug throughout its entire value chain from market access to commercialization.

Our VALUES are based on innovation, flexibility, competitiveness, and efficiency.