Biotrend is a research-based company specialized in the development, optimization and scale-up of bioprocesses.
Our advanced services help designing cost-competitive processes that are robust at industrially relevant scales, particularly in the area of industrial and marine biotechnology.
We are experienced in dealing with a wide range of natural or genetically modified microorganisms.
We work with real-life renewable raw-materials to produce a wide range of products, from biomass to chemicals, biopolymers or recombinant enzymes.
Our advanced bioprocessing know-how has been serving clients from small biotech startups to global corporations.
Biotrend has a lean structure built around its most valuable asset, a team 100% devoted to bioprocessing, including expertise in biotechnology, bioengineering, microbiology, chemical engineering and organic chemistry. We gather a combined experience of thousands of fermentation runs at various scales among staff with international working experience.
Biotrend operates a state-of-the art development lab and bioprocessing pilot plant with capacities from 1 mL to 250L fermentation scale and an advanced monitoring and analytical platform. We performs the transition of processes to industrially relevant scales through access to demonstration and commercial scale facilities within an international network of partners. Through our current investment in a facility with 1000L and 10000L fermenters, we are preparing the future and enabling to further support our client and partners towards commercialisation of their processes.