About us

About us

Portugal’s Biotechnology Industry Organization (P-BIO) is the only association that brings together the vast majority of companies linked to the biotechnology and life sciences sector. Since it was founded in 1999, it has been the cornerstone for development and support of biotechnology in Portugal. P-BIO seeks to develop an environment that is favourable to the creation and growth of start-ups, promoting their corporate development domestically and internationally. While developing this ecosystem, it contributes to raising the profile of this sector and its developments. As a member of EuropaBio, the Organization is key to linking companies and their relevant partners in government, investors, regulating agencies and other institutions linked to the industry.


a/ Represent member companies, helping them to pursue their business goals, defending their interests and generally carrying out all activities and actions that, under its articles of association, help member companies to progress fairly;

b/ Promote understanding, solidarity and mutual support between the member companies, in view of exercising common rights and obligations in a better and more effective manner;

c/ Represent member companies in dealing with public entities, other associations that may or may not be counterparts, domestic or foreign, and institutions that represent workers, in view of socio-economically developing the biotechnology sector and developing Portugal as well, resolving common problems;

d/ Associate with third parties, promoting and participating in protocols and agreements that are of interest to pursuing the purposes stipulated in the articles of association;

e/ Structure support services that are suited to the needs of invigorating and advising member companies;

f/ Supply technical, legislative and documental databases and help with their usage;

g/ Supply disclosure and information services to its members;

h/ Hold lectures, conferences and other activities that are of interest to its members;

i/ Hold, publish and disclose studies regarding biotechnology, along with periodic publications regarding activities developed by the Organization;

j/ Promote and submit legislative proposals regarding matters that are of interest to members.