4MEDIKS was born as a Green Chemistry start-up, specialized in the development of active ingredients of botanical origin on an industrial scale that offers sector solutions to contribute to improving people’s health.
The effectiveness of our active ingredients has been tested in different approved European laboratories, demonstrating their viricidal, bactericidal, fungicidal and yeasticidal properties.
The active ingredients are of natural origin and non-toxic.
Our mission is to leave a tangible impact in the healthcare industry.

The substance has multiple applications in the following industrial sectors:


Our division develops active ingredients of botanical origin for use in different processes in the agri-food sector. We develop pesticides for the eradication of various aggressive pathogens affecting a wide range of plant species from around the world, such as Xylella fastidiosa. We are also focused on the development of non-toxic industrial disinfection products for fruit and vegetables that guarantee the absence of pathogens.


In the hospital disinfection area, we have developed a non-toxic compound that has proven to be effective in eliminating viruses, bacteria, fungi and yeasts. The fact that it is non-toxic makes this substance the perfect ally for hospital disinfection, such as Clostridium difficile.


The discovery of a non-toxic substance that eradicates the viruses responsible for sexually transmitted diseases has led us to spend some of our time and resources on development in the pharmaceutical area.


In this area we have developed non-toxic biocides to disinfect materials and surfaces used in the housing or transporting of animals. This type of product is essential to prevent the spread of diseases at the time of transport or in areas where animals are housed.


We develop active ingredients of botanical origin for the cosmetics industry capable of transferring unique features to the final products without altering.