Akcea Therapeutics is a development and commercialization company focused on helping patients living with serious and rare diseases.

Our priority is to bring transformative medicines to patients by driving clinical program execution, understanding patient and physician needs, preparing the market, creating market access, and commercializing our products on a global basis.

Akcea, an affiliate of Ionis Pharmaceuticals, was established in early 2015 and based in Kendall Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Akcea has a robust portfolio of development- and registration-stage drugs covering multiple targets and diseases using advanced RNA-targeted antisense therapeutics. Our immediate focus is to drive our clinical programs forward through development to commercialization while building on the Ionis standards of excellence.

A Alnylam é líder na tradução do RNA de interferência (RNAi) numa nova classe inovadora de medicamentos para doentes que dispõem de opções de tratamento limitadas ou inadequadas. Com base numa ciência vencedora de Prémio Nobel, a terapêutica de RNAi representa uma abordagem poderosa e clinicamente validada para o tratamento de uma vasta gama de doenças graves e debilitantes.

Fundada em 2002, a Alnylam baseia-se numa visão ousada para transformar a possibilidade científica em realidade, com uma robusta plataforma de descoberta e um vasto pipeline de medicamentos experimentais, incluindo quatro produtos candidatos em última fase de desenvolvimento e um produto aprovado nos EUA e na União Europeia.


produtos originais baseados em tecnologia de ADN recombinante e biologia molecular

A Amgen, líder mundial em biotecnologia, há 30 anos que explora o poder da inovação científica para melhorar de forma decisiva a vida dos doentes.
A Amgen está na vanguarda do desenvolvimento de produtos originais baseados em tecnologia de ADN recombinante e biologia molecular, tendo lançado os primeiros medicamentos revolucionários da biotecnologia. Hoje a Amgen figura na classificação Fortune 500, ajuda milhões de doentes na luta contra doenças graves e continua fiel aos seus princípios baseando-se na ciência.
First Portuguese Science and Technology Park specialized on Biotechnology

BIOCANT is a CLUSTER of companies and R&D institutions of excellence with a strong commitment to science education and entrepreneurship.
A unique ecosystem that covers the entire INNOVATION PIPELINE, from the knowledge generation and human resources training to the market, including tech transfer, financing, scientific dissemination and industrial production.
It gathers 30% of the total national number of BIOTECH COMPANIES and provides a wide variety of services and opportunities to develop a competitive business.

A Biogen foi fundada em 1978, sendo uma das mais antigas empresas de biotecnologia do mundo, fundada por por Charles Weissmann, Heinz Schaller, Kenneth Murray e pelos vencedores do Prémio Nobel Walter Gilbert e Phillip Sharp. A Biogen liderou investigação científica inovadora na última década com o objetivo de vencer doenças neurológicas devastadoras.


Biotrend is a research-based company focused on the development, optimization, de-risking, integration and scale-up of bioprocesses for the production of bio-based chemicals, materials and fuels from renewable raw materials, including complex industrial by-products and wastes. We offer contract research and development services and develop new technologies to be licensed out to industrial clients. We actively participate in international collaborative projects encompassing the full bioeconomy value chain, keeping Biotrend at the forefront of scientific development.
Empresa de medicina translacional e desenvolvimento de novos produtos única no mercado português

A Blueclinical é uma empresa de medicina translacional e investigação clínica dedicada ao desenvolvimento de medicamentos, dispositivos médicos e outros produtos de saúde. Com competências e experiência únicas no mercado português, a Blueclinical é o parceiro certo de instituições científicas e empresas empenhadas em projetos de medicina translacional, ou na realização de ensaios clínicos em voluntários saudáveis ou em doentes.

BSIM² is at the forefront of computing technologies to discover the drugs of the future.

Streamlining drug discovery through:
/ Cheminformatics,
/ Structural Bioinformatics,
/ Network and Systems Pharmacology,
and cutting-edge hardware.

Integrating all discovery stages with Academia and CROs, for:
/ Chemical synthesis,
/ In vitro and in vivo proof-of-concept,
/ Pharmaceutical development.
Making drug candidates against neurodegenerative diseases, steered for:
/ High efficacy,
/ Higher safety,
/ Optimal properties for long-term therapies.

A Coimbra Genomics tem como missão trazer a medicina individualizada ao ambiente de trabalho de todos os médicos. Para tal desenvolveu a ELSIE, uma plataforma de apoio à decisão com base no genoma que permite ligar o conhecimento genómico à prática clínica, facilitando a tomada de decisões clínicas importantes, adaptadas às características genéticas de cada utente, no contexto de consultas médicas normais. A ELSIE está a ser utilizada à escala piloto em diversos países, e entrou em utilização clínica na Alemanha no início de 2016.

GenIbet is a biopharmaceutical CMO offering highly specialized Microbial, Cell Culture and Viral Process Development and cGMP manufacturing services to research groups, biotech and pharma companies. This, combined with in-house fill and finish capabilities, gives our clients the opportunity to go from bench to clinic in one facility.
GenIbet’s core activity is the manufacture and supply of materials for use in early stage drug development, pre-clinical studies and cGMP manufacturing from Phase I to Phase III clinical trials.

Bacterial sepsis is responsible for the death of 1.35 million Babies, stillbirths and 1-month old, every year. In addition, preterm birth and morbidity caused by bacterial infections represent an annual cost of nearly US$ 12B a year in the US alone. This is currently an unmet medical need as there is no treatment (pre-infection) able to prevent bacterial infections in fetus and newborns and thus prevent stillbirths and preterm births. Our neonatal vaccine, administered to women, induces the production of protective antibodies in the mother that will be transferred to the fetus protecting the fetus and newborn from bacterial infections. Pre-clinical trials in a mice model of infection showed over 80% survival rate in neonates from immunized mothers, contrasting with the absence of those from non-immunized mothers.
Oferecemos produtos, serviços e soluções inovadores para ajudar as pessoas em todo o mundo.

Somos mais de 30.000 pessoas, trabalhando arduamente para tratar, curar, interromper e prevenir algumas das doenças mais devastadoras e complexas da nossa época. Desde doenças cardiovasculares ao HIV, da doença de Alzheimer ao câncer, estamos comprometidos com problemas que afetam a vida de todos.

Luzitin is a privately owned pharmaceutical company, focused on the development of photosensitizer compounds for Photodynamic Therapy (PDT).
Founded in 2010, after five years of research collaboration between Bluepharma, the University of Coimbra and the Hospitals of the University of Coimbra, Luzitin is developing a novel and very promising therapeutic procedure for solid tumors (LUZ11) and Acne (LUZACNE). Its proprietary technology consists of a combination of new generation photosensitizer with a specific infrared-laser medical device.
Woldwide solutions for molecular testing at point of care

NANO4 Global aims to provide solutions for one step molecular identification of DNA/RNA at point-of-care (PoC). NANO4 Global spins around an awarded platform — NANO4 – the next generation of molecular nanodiagnostics applied to lifesciences.
Computational Biology Solutions for the Life Sciences

SilicoLife develops state-of-the-art optimization algorithms and uses proprietary computational and modelling tools to accelerate the design of microbial strains, based on metabolic engineering and synthetic biology approaches, shortening the development time and costs of new highly effective processes for the production of specific target compounds such as biofuels, chemicals, food ingredients or biopolymers.

Stemmatters is an ambitious regenerative medicine company developing game changing medical devices and combination products for large unmet medical needs.
Research and development centres on unique medical device development platforms, which offer excellent scope for tailoring biological and physicochemical performance for breakthrough applications in regenerative medicine. Fully integrated with specialized and resourceful competences in research and development, Stemmatters additionally offers unique manufacturing competences in regenerative medicine products for external entities.

TREAT U is developing more effective and safer products for cancer patients by increasing therapeutic efficacy and reducing adverse side effects, hence reducing treatment costs for healthcare systems.
Our first product – PEGASEMP™ – is a proprietary nanotechnology-based delivery platform with application in diagnostics and therapy. PEGASEMP™ targets specifically the tumor microenvironment with triggered delivery of the payload, creating new opportunities in personalized medicine and new value to the Pharmaceutical Market.