BIO.DATA- ROTEIRO/0098/2013, – Rede Portuguesa de Dados Biológicos
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Cooperation between Instituto Gulbenkian da Ciência, Instituto de Engª de Sistemas e Computadores, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade Minho, Centro de Ciências do Mar do Algarve, Instituto Biologia Molecular e Celular, Instituto Biologia Experimental e Tecnológica, Instituto da Tecnologia Química e Biologia, Centro de Biotecnologia do Alentejo, Fundação Champalimaud and P-BIO, as part of the development of a scientific infrastructure platform and the European bioinformatics network ELIXIR- European Life Sciences Infrastructures for Biological Information.

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CTB – Cluster transfronteiriço de Biotecnologia. Consolidation, Growth and Competitiveness of the cross-border biotechnological sector
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The general goal of this project is to promote cooperation, integration and the competitiveness of the sector within the Galicia region.
The idea is to make this region a centre for territorial excellence in biotechnology. The aim is to create a cross-border cluster that promotes competitiveness within the sector, offering advanced business development services and integration into the added value chain. It will focus on the human capital aspect and will help raise the region’s international profile and gain access to new markets.
Project led by BIC Minho with the participation of P-BIO, Universidade do Minho, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Zona Franca de Vigo and Bioga.

(scheduled start date after approval, fourth quarter of 2016)

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P-BIO participates in ECOBIOFOR. The goal of this project is to develop new biosolvents using new chemical and bio processes.
Project FP7 under the leadership of Tecnália and with the participation of PBIO, ASEBIO, Swiss Biotech Association (SBA), University Institute of Science and Technology of Spain, Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse, Dubois (FR), Precoat (BE) and CEPE (IT).
PBIO, ASEBIO and SBA are responsible for capitalization and dissemination of results of the project by its member companies, in order to prepare them for recent European regulations related to biosolvents.

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Biocant International
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P-BIO and Biocant joined forces to carry out a programme to support the internationalization of Portuguese small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in the biotechnology sector.
The Programme included:
• Creating a brand image for national biotechnology;
• Collaboration in the sector fairs: BIO International Convention (San Diego, June 2014; Philadelphia, June 2015), BioSpain (Santiago de Compostela, September 2014) and BioEurope Spring (1st semester of 2015);
• National Show for Companies and Venture Capital;
• International Roadshow.
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Emerging business models and technological platforms: new methods of creating and appropriating value in the biomedical industry
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An FCT Project approved and led by IN+ with P-BIO and ISCTE, which investigated the role of technological platforms originating from science in generating variety, and the mechanisms and processes through which they can be more effectively used, i.e. create new market opportunities and lead to economic growth.

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Bioreg – SOE3/P1/E750 was a project co-financed by the SUDOE Territorial Program
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Mission: Development of cell therapies and regenerative medicine within the SUDOE space. Led by the Fundación Andaluza de I+D with the participation of PBIO, Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa, Jean Paul Sebastier University – Toulouse, Madrid Biocluster and Madrid Network. Its main actions were the WP2 situation analysis and valuation of available technologies in regenerative medicine, WP3 – creation of an integrated value chain in pre-clinical research; WP4 – creation of an integrated technology transfer value chain; WP5 – monitoring and evaluation of the project; WP6 – dissemination, communication and capitalization.

P-BIO was responsible for:
•Clinical Trials Handbook
•Network Event – held on 28 March 2014;
•Investor Pool

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