Industry Biotechnology Group

The industrial biotechnology workgroup was recently created and it brings together the members of P-BIO with activities involving the application and development of bioprocesses for producing compounds that are of industrial interest, using renewable raw materials or industrial sub-products.

In the past years, industrial biotechnology has become more important, promoting the replacement of conventional processes in industrial chemistry via biotechnological processes in the production of various value added products. This trend has helped make these industries more efficient with regard to the environment, making them more sustainable and independent from petrochemical based raw materials.

Industrial biotechnology offers a wide range of opportunities for the Portuguese economy through various possibilities of cooperating with other traditionally strong sectors, such as forestry, pulp and paper, foodstuffs and maritime.

Some members with activities in industrial biotechnology are Biotrend in developing and scaling up bioprocesses, SilicoLife in designing optimized cell factories and Biocant through its genomic capabilities and its pilot unit for validating bioprocesses.

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