Diagnostics and Precision Medicine Group

The diagnostics and precision medicine sector has seen solid growth in recent years through the creation of innovative services and technology companies. In line with this trend in the Portuguese market and taking into account the particular needs of this sector within the larger framework of life sciences, the Associação Portuguesa de BioIndústria took the initiative of creating the Diagnostics Group.

The goal of the Diagnostics and Precision Medicine Group is to ensure that the sector will maintain a high profile in relation to state bodies, regulatory bodies, large corporate groups, investors and the press. In all of these contacts, the Group will represent the interests of its members, in order to ensure a common voice that will have broad reach and impact, demonstrating that the diagnostic sector is an area that is undergoing significant development in Portugal’s health sector, as well as being a technological and commercial asset in the country’s industrial fabric.

From an operation perspective, the goal of this group is to create a network that will share knowledge, experiences and contacts that facilitate clinical development, along with licensing processes, certification and validation of diagnostic devices and services. This network will also create a critical mass that is capable of meeting infrastructure needs in terms of development and production, exploring synergies between companies. The long-term goal is to create the ideal conditions for accessing markets, both domestically and internationally, by establishing a common vehicle for analysing and responding to issues related to regulations, reimbursements, distribution and sales strategy.

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